BUD Holland,
an importer people rely on since 1969

BUD Holland, established in 1969, has developed into a prominent importer of exotic fruit and vegetables. The company also offers a wide range of special foods, such as wild and cultivated mushrooms, soft fruits, mini vegetables, sea vegetables, fresh herbs and niche products. We purchase all our products in all corners of the world and we mainly deliver to (service and catering) wholesalers and supermarket chains throughout Europe. BUD Holland gives quality, food safety and (supply) reliability priority. Moreover, we stand apart because of our high level of flexibility and service provision, as the wishes and desires of our clients are always at the forefront. BUD Holland has implemented the internationally recognised quality standard BRC Global Standard Food in the entire organisation. This means that BUD Holland clients can rely on products of the best quality, every day of every year. A highly advanced ERP system also enables us to guarantee the traceability of our products.

BUD Holland imports a wide range of products every day from all corners of the world and supplies them throughout Europe. This includes exotic fruit, exotic vegetables, soft fruits, types of nut, types of lettuce, mini vegetables, sea vegetables, wild and cultivated mushrooms, potatoes and carrots, onions and garlic, cress and sprouts, fresh herbs, and niche products… For more information go to www.bud.nl.